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WE BELIEve in Islamic Investing.

It is these principles that guide our investing, client relationships and business practices.

Canadian Islamic Wealth is the first wealth management firm in Canada dedicated specifically to halal investing. We offer pioneering investment solutions that align with the Muslim faith so that we can help clients achieve their financial goals without compromising their values.

Our advisors work with individuals, families and business owners to build robust financial plans that help these clients from every walk of life.

For some our plans our designed to give them the lifestyle they want for others it is about protecting assets and making sure they last through retirement and for others it is leaving a legacy that our family, community and our creator can be proud of.

Our disciplined planning process turns these goals and many more into to realities. It is our comprehensive examination of our client’s financial picture that allows us to determine the best financial plan and prescribe synchronized strategies to help clients achieve their desired outcomes.


Strategic planning can take the stress out of market fluctuations

Benefit from our experience

Our synchronized financial planning always takes the context of the rest of your life into account – things like your goals, your concerns, and your dreams.

Cash Management

We offer a number of products that can help you manage the demands of your day-to-day banking and borrowing needs.


The Practical Guide to Islamic Investing


The Practical Guide to Islamic Investing


In case you didn’t get it from our intro we are the first ever wealth management company that is dedicated to Halal investing. We take that extra step to make sure that your investments work towards achieving your goals without compromising on your values.

Beyond that, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their desired outcome. We do this by keeping clients educated (links to educations center), choosing appropriate investments, and managing risk for clients. All this is communicated through a financial plan.


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    Make Sure it’s Halal

    Before we make any recommendations to your situation we make sure whatever we are recommending is Halal.

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    Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

    Contrary to a lot of myths out there. Your investments, your house, your gold is not your most valuable asset. Your most valuable asset is you ability to work and earn an income. The average Canadian will earn between $2-2.5 Million dollars throughout their lifetime. We want to make sure that if you get sick or ensure and you can’t work that earning potential is protected.

    Why? Because we can create the best investment strategies, financial plans and goals for you but at the end of the day if you get sick or injured and cannot stick with our plan and strategies you will fall behind.

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    Assess your Goals and Situation

    When we look at your goals we want to know what you are trying to achieve and when you are trying to achieve. dream big. It’s our job to figure out a way to turn those goals into a reality. After we get a sense of your goals, it’s time to look at what we are working with.
    We need to know:

    Do you have savings? Investments? Assets?

    Do you have debt?

    How much tax did you pay the last couple years?

    Do you currently work with an advisor?

    Do you have insurance?

    Do you have kids? Do you have RESPs?

    The list goes on but the more information you provide us the better our advice and strategies will be.

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    After we have done our initial review it is time for us to recommend investments, strategies, and financial plans. This is where we are going to assign dollars to your goals and help you create a strategy that will get you there. Further, we want to make sure our recommendations are suitable, comfortable, and stress-free. That means we are not going to ask you to change your lifestyle, savings habits, and spending habits beyond what is reasonable and comfortable for you as the client. We understand every client is different so our recommendations will be specifically tailored to both your financial needs and your needs as an investor.

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    At least once per year we like to do reviews with all our clients. Life changes. You may get married, divorced, change jobs, retire, have another child, inherit some money, and more. Each one of these scenarios comes with financial implications and implications that can impact the overall strategy and the financial plan. It is a point of pride for us that we review our client’s situation at least once per year.


We believe your life should be interesting and your investments boring.  And we’ll use plain English to explain it all.


People should always expect, and get, the whole truth.  We are fiduciaries, 100% of the time.


We shed light on the fees you pay and what you are paying for.

Based on 7 reviews.
Ahmed Elwali
Ahmed Elwali
April 12, 2020.
Canadian Islamic Wealth does good job in investing money while providing a good value. I would recommend them to anyone want invest their money. I hope it become one of the top wealth management companies in the future.
Frank K Weiss
Frank K Weiss
March 4, 2020.
Great service, professional attitude, free consultation. Very flexible too.
Adeel Paracha
Adeel Paracha
January 31, 2020.
Jesse is very informative and has helped me make my future planning easy. He’s answered a lot of questions I’ve brought up and suggested the best opportunity that suited my lifestyle.
Shiraz Musaddiq
Shiraz Musaddiq
January 30, 2020.
My experience so far with Canadian Islamic Wealth has been the easiest, most convenient and flexible way to track and manage my investments. Other much larger financial institutions have never even come close to being this user friendly. Thanks Jesse!
saleha alshehri
saleha alshehri
January 21, 2020.
I’m so glad we started our investment with this company, very productive and know what they’re doing and organized. They are also very flexible and understanding to your situation and explain all the term and conflicted ideas to you! Thanks!
Ahmed Najar
Ahmed Najar
January 13, 2020.
Capable team of energetic professionals with profound knowledge of their products and competition. Add to that the unique ethical responsibility. I wish for them to become a hub for ethical investment in North America and the world
Yes we can
Yes we can
January 10, 2020.
Wonderful and professional services. Best of luck Jesse

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