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Tech is Over Valued!

There has been a lot of pundits, experts, and even members of the Islamic Finance community saying that tech is overvalued. It’s too high, it’s going to crash, we’re in a bubble. Other than the fact that this statement is going to get headlines, clicks, and responses I do not believe there is much to […]

Collectibles as an Asset

One of my hobbies is understanding how different things can be seen as investments and how different things can make money. As a millennial, a student of history, an avid consumer of pop culture, and a UFC fight fan. I understand that many people see value in collectibles. One of my favorite shows on TV […]

Manzil + Koho Card Review

One thing I plan on doing regularly is to review other halal companies and products that are out there. That way you can get another perspective. Ultimately I think Canadian Islamic Wealth is number 1. But I’m biased. Kinda like how your mom always tells you you’re the most handsome guy or a beautiful girl. […]

Debt: Do you really need it?

I was doing some reading yesterday. It turns out the average Canadian has over $72,000 of consumer debt. The average American has $90,000 in consumer debt. These come in the form of car loans, lines of credit, and credit card debt. Oh, and let’s not forget the don’t pay for your furniture until 2025 (i […]

Consolidation Loans: Should you get one?

Many Muslims have debt. A car loan, a credit card, a line of credit, etc. The sad reality is that all of this debt comes is interest-based. Usually, this is coupled with high payments and high levels of interest, and feelings of crushing debt. Naturally, many people seek out solutions to this problem, and often […]

Halal LIRA’s

What is a LIRA? A LIRA is a Locked-in Retirement Account. I know you don’t really care about what the acronym actually stands for it’s more important to understand what they do. How they are created? and How to use them in a halal way? Let’s go. Once upon a time, a long time ago […]

Hajj Savings Plan

Hajj is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam. Once in our lives, Muslims must make a pilgrimage to Mecca.  The problem is that if you live in Canada or the United States it can cost up to $12,000 to go on your trip to Hajj. That is just for one person. The reality is […]