Our team

Meet the talented team at Canadian Islamic Wealth

Jesse Reitberger

Founder CIW

Jesse Reitberger is the founder of Canadian Islamic Wealth. He has worked in Financial services for over 10 years. In 2019 started his own firm Canadian Islamic Wealth which manages nearly 15 million in halal investment

Junaid Sayyed

Assistant Financial Advisor

I’m a Civil Engineering diploma holder with a passion for community development. As the former district President of a student movement in India, I advocated for student rights and fostered positive change. Since moving to Winnipeg in May 2022, I have been serving as an office manager for ICNA Winnipeg, where I contribute to various projects and ensure smooth operations. I also gained valuable retail experience as a Walmart Canada cashier. Currently pursuing a Project Management program at the University of Winnipeg, I am expanding my skill set to effectively plan and execute projects. With my diverse background, leadership skills, and commitment to community service, I am eager to make a lasting impact in the field of Civil Engineering and contribute to the Winnipeg community.